Leaning Back Center Stage

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A Coaching Visual for Feminine Energy Emergencies

Imagine this scene:
You encouter your ex somewhere and you feel yourself slipping back into an old familiar pattern . . .

feminine energy woman leaning back center stage circle of interaction


Lights . . . Camera . . . Action (meaning it’s time to engage some Positive Masculine Action)!

Let’s reset this stage . . . better yet, let’s change the scene:
Shift the focus from him back to yourself.
YOU ARE AT CENTER STAGE and the world,
including him, is your audience . . .


feminine energy woman center stage circle of interaction with men

He is not (and should not) be stage center or anywhere else nearby (in your arena of focus).

Put him back in the audience in the mezzanine (or nose bleed) seating!

Only let those men who recognize and applaud your value occupy the seats closest to the stage!



feminine energy woman mind shift

This mind shift (yes, because you’re clearly in thinking mode, so let’s get into some positive masculine energy here), requires you STOP EXPECTING ANYTHING FROM HIM, especially when you see him or speak with him.

He is not and does not belong at center stage.

Gently push away the thoughts of ever having had a relationship with him, the longing, the confusion, the hurt and get back to occupying your stage. You are THE Beautiful star of this show!!! Stage center lady!

feminine energy woman circular of interaction circular dating

Feel the strength and beauty of your inner feminine core and stand strong.
Now lean back, take a deep breath and focus on you!

Let that yummy soft feminine energy emanate out from within your soul like sunshine on a gorgeous day!


Remember the colorful Circle of Interaction . . . where you are at the center?
feminine energy woman circular dating circle of interaction rotation of men


– The outer white area are people outside of the theater.

feminine energy woman circular dating circle of interaction men out of the world


– The blue section of the circle are men who have entered the theater and are interested in you.

feminine energy woman circular dating men noticing you circle of interaction


– The green section are men who in the audience calling out “Bravo, Bravo!” They are interested in you and want to communicate with you.

feminine energy woman circular dating circle of interaction man who is interested in you


– The orange section are the men sitting up front along the stage who want to interact (spend time) with you.

circular dating feminine energy woman circle of interaction


– The red section is the side and back stage, this is a man who you interact with on an intimate touching level (from holding hands, embracing to more . . . think Mariah Carey “🎶 this is private between you and I – touch my body 🎶”).


So, now, let me ask you . . . why is this ex-man on the stage lady???!

I’m calling security right now

feminine energy woman pushing a man off the stage further out in circle of interaction

(fyi, your feminine energy directing your positive masculine energy).

Do what must be done to get this person off the stage please . . .

~ shift the focus back to yourself
~ stop anticipating or expecting anything from him
~ get your head out the past
~ stop longing for him (or what you may have had together – situationship)


Okay, now that we’ve properly set the scene . . .

Lean back at center stage,
Be that beautiful woman that you are
and keep him in the audience where he belongs!!

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