Venus Reconnect Leaning Back Exercise - Root


Honor yourself, your foundation and your primal needs.

Practice the following exercise to connect to your inner Venus energy:
Grounding is a leaning back coaching tool that helps us connect with our inner energy.

Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart.

Imagine that you're like a tree
and your feet are the root of your tree.
Feel your feet touching the ground.

Visualize your energy pulsing out of you -
reaching down through the floor from your feet,
down into the floor beneath you.
If you're in a high rise or two story flat,
then keep reaching all the way down.

Just keep reaching, reaching, reaching down to the basement,
below the basement, reaching, reaching, reaching down
to the core center of the earth.
Yes, I want you to reach that far.

Imagine your energy pulling outside of you,
reaching into the floor, into the ground and
going all the way down as far as you can.

Now hold your arms out to side. with one arm.
Imagine that you're reaching, reaching, reaching outside of the room,
outside of the house or of the apartment,
all the way through your city or town until you touch a mountain or some raised hill.

With your other arm, reach out beyond the room,
beyond the building, all the way out until you're
touching water somewhere.
This exercise is a little fanciful, I know, but this is how we do grounding.

When you're grounding, you reach the earth, you reach the mountains and you reach the sea.
By rooting to nature, it brings you back to a focus on your energy.
It brings you back to that powerful inner feminine energy.