Full Moon Ritual

This Leaning Back Full Moon Ritual is about embracing and empowering your Feminine Energy to create a fuller, more loving and more abundant life.

The energy of the moon influences our feelings, actions and thoughts.

The Full Moon is a time to CELEBRATE your efforts, accomplishments and blessings.

You're reaping the results of your actions and embracing gratitude.

You're also beginning the transitioning from an external (action) focus
to an internal (Feeling) focus to recharge, review and envision your life balance.


Pretty up a special space to spend a few quiet moments.
You can
smudge (burn sage),
light a candle,
set out or wear your crystals/stones,
place scented oil in a diffuser or light incense,
wear something feminine and pretty,
set out a vase of beautiful flowers or a plant,
play motivating music in the background and
have beautiful writing paper handy to jot down any gratitudes or revelations.

Take a Salt bath and/or sit out in the moon light.

Meditate, pray, practice yoga, journal or read something sacred/motivating.

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