Do you try Leaning Back
and still end up in the same situation each time?

Well The Handbook is just what you need!


Doesn't It Feel Good When A Man Seeks Out Your Time?

Doesn't It Feel Wonderful When He Wants Your Attention?

Doesn't It Feel Great When You Can See Him Wanting To Get Closer To You?

These Things Only Happen When You're Leaning Back!


Because this is a key part of being irresistible to him!

Leaning Back is so much more than giving him space to move towards you!

It's also about focusing your energy on your feelings rather than your thoughts.  

This makes him want to get even closer, because you're creating a subtle bit of energetic distance (rather than being THERE, AVAILABLE and INTO HIM all the time).

Leaning Back Keeps You Balanced.

Whether things are going great with a man or whether you're not quite sure how he feels about you, Leaning Back keeps you from losing yourself in him, in the relationship or to your own imagination or insecurities.

When you're thinking about a man, or thinking about contacting a man, or thinking about creating memories with a man . . . STOP YOURSELF.  Learn how to Lean Back today!

Leaning Back - The Handbook
is written for
any Woman
in any type of love situation
at any stage!

The Handbook contains everything about Leaning Back.

This information is crucial to make the right connection with a man.

After reading the Handbook

You'll know how to:

keep his Emotional Attraction 


how to use your Feminine Energy
to continue to draw him in even closer.

About The Handbook

This easy-to-read text begins by explaining what
Leaning Back is, and how to do it.

The Main Topics are:

Leaning Back At Any Stage Of Your Relationship 

More On Intimacy 

Leaning Forward 

What is Leaning Forward 

Leaning Forward Pushes At Him 

Leaning Forward Body Language 

Leaning Forward Words 

How To Stop Focusing on Him 


Special Feature

Is It All In Your Imagination? 

Dealing with A Situationship 

Switching on Your Feminine 

The Handbook is 140+ pages packed with Leaning Back Power for just $25!


One of the most confusing moments of relationships and dating is when a man suddenly pulls away (Man Caves) or disappears.

Have you ever experienced this?

You've had a wonderful time together.

There was intimacy or a closeness that felt wonderful.

And just when you expect a continuation of that feeling . . .

He pulls away,

He doesn't call,

He doesn't come by,

He becomes busy,

He makes plans without you or,

He withdraws into another place or room.

For some women, this is beyond confusing . . . it's infuriating.

It can sometimes feels like rejection.

It's been called "rubber-banding," "man-caving" or "disappearing."

There's no way to completely avoid it or stop him from doing it.

This is simply how some men function.

Unfortunately, in response, some women will try to reestablish the closeness by clinging, calling, whining, complaining and sometimes in anger start an argument or even worse confront him.

These are all "leaning forward" responses that push him away.

Wouldn't it feel great to understand what was going on with him and avoid the bad feelings and masculine responses?

Wouldn't it feel cozy to pick right back up with the closeness and intimacy you experienced before he pulled away?

Well you can!

The secret is to LEAN BACK.

Here's how you can get started right now:

1. Don't take it personally - it's not about you (it's his issue).

2. Some men handle continuous closeness this way. So consider your needs and keep your options open if this behavior just doesn't work for you.

3. Some men genuinely need time to unplug, regroup or regenerate romantically. So allow him to create this space, but express how it feels to you.

The key is to realize that when and if a man behaves this way, you can't control him.

This is when Leaning Back benefits you (and your relationship) the most.

Allow him to create that distance.

Remember, distance works in your favor as along as you remain soft and warm when he approaches you again.

If he doesn't call, don't call him.

If he doesn't text, don't text him.

If he makes plans without you, make sure you're keeping your own schedule and make plans of your own.

Allow him the space he's created. Don't invade it.

And PLEASE, don't sit around waiting for him to call, text, come by or make plans with you!

Do your own thing and let him catch up with you.

After Leaning Back, you should notice a slight difference. His pulling away won't feel the same.

If he still pulls away, you won't focus on him as much.

You'll do the things you enjoy instead of focusing on the distance he's created.

You'll let him deal with the distance he's created.

You may take that time to go out with friends, visit family or get a little extra "me time."

You'll begin to occupy your time doing things you enjoy. Going places without him.

You may try out a new gym or coffee shop, explore a new restaurant, check out the mall or take a dance class or a new fitness class.

You may even decide that no matter how rational I'm trying to explain this, his behavior doesn't work for you and your needs require a man with a different kind of behavior. That your time is valuable and you don't have to chase after him or stop your life and wait for him to reappear.  You may even reassess your dating/love opportunities.

His man caving, rubber banding and disappearing may even give another man the opportunity to approach you for a conversation or a date.

If your man creates too much distance too often, in Leaning Back, you'll naturally start to notice your other options.

Eventually, he may catch on that you're not waiting around for him.

Either way,

He'll start calling again.

He'll start being around.

He'll lean in close.

This is how Leaning Back works.

Get Started Today with your copy of Leaning Back - The Handbook