Leaning Back When You’re In Love


Ahhhhhhh, that feeling of being in love,

Of being the target of his attention,

Of feeling his arms around you, hearing his voice and knowing you’re loved.

It feels so good.


Point is, you want to make this last.

You want this to grow.

You want more.


This is that tricky point in life when we could lean forward with masculine tendencies and stop the flow of connection with him.

This is when we could possibly push him away.

We’ve done all of the feminine power tools to get to this point so we can lean forward if needed right?

No, wrong.

Leaning forward can easily happen now.

You feel like you’ve “got your man.”

You start not to focus on your feminine power tools and instead ease into an old rhythm of relationship.

This relationship rhythm can quickly become a leaning forward pattern.

You call him regularly to find out what he’s doing.

You get upset when he’s not spending time with you.

You make plans for him, you and the relationship.

You want him to do things for you.

You start to have feelings of frustration.

You slowly start to ignore the Don’t Do List regularly.

This all starts from not leaning back.

leaning forward part 5

Continuing to lean  back when you’re in love can be a challenge, but it’s more important now than ever!

Leaning back when you’re in love is about focusing on yourself a bit more and taking time to do things that you like.

Leaning back at this stage of a relationship means remembering you’re a siren, a queen, a diva, a goddess!

Keep this focus.

allow connection1

Treat yourself good.

Prepare some yummy healthy food.

Get a little extra beauty sleep one day a week.

Exercise more by taking a longer walk or spend an extra 15 minutes working out.

Revisit your List Of Things You Enjoy.

Explore your passions and discover something new to do.

Spend some time doing what you enjoy.


This is to fill your time away from him with YOU, rather than thoughts about him or the relationship.

Remember, the key to leaning back is being warm and inviting when he approaches (when you spend time together), and yet completely engrossed in yourself otherwise.

This is a cool approach to not leaning forward when you are in love.

And it keeps your connection strong.

So Lean Back.

leaning back to be pleased










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