Leaning Back with a Difficult Man

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Leaning Back with a difficult type of man can be challenging.

Often, there’s a continuous lingering feeling that something’s wrong.

This feeling is a result of the personal drama, unmanaged ex-girlfriends/ex-wives or other issues that complicate the Difficult man’s daily life.

The real problem in Leaning Back in this type of relationship is accepting him for who and how he is . . . it tends to make you feel that you’ve abandoned yourself. You’re constantly catering to his situations or trying to fix him (and you can’t “fix him”).

While there is no quick fix for these problems, I have a Leaning Back exercise that can help you feel more in control of yourself and your love life.

Here’s how to get started (please click each link):

1. Practice the Pause.

2. Answer the following questions:

3.  Revisit why you chose him or to be in a relationship with him.

4.  Practice Widening Your View.

5.  Practice living an Irresistible life.

Give yourself a week to do this exercise (including each related link).

Use the next seven days to devote your energy exclusively to yourself.

After that, if you’re still experiencing that lingering feeling, then check out the MAN GUIDE




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