What I Feel Like Leaning Forward


leaning forward


Suddenly I was in action!

I was moving, fast.

Running full speed.

Heaven help anyone or anything in my way.

Superwoman here to save the day!

And in the blink of my mascara eye – I stopped.  I sat down.

I relaxed my shoulders.  I took a deep breath, and I let the moment pass.

I felt the evening breeze soothing the back of my misty neck.

I listened to my heart sing a calmer beat.

Ran my fingers through my hair and started to hum a Sade song.

I turned my head and realized he was watching me the whole time!

I felt embarrassed, like the wind blew my pleated dress above my waist.

He laughed and only said “wow” and reached over to massage my neck.

I smiled.  It must be a wonder to behold a woman leaning forward . . .

Pouncing, Charging . . . capable, powerful and beautiful.

Couldn’t help but notice that he kept a safe distance . . .

Moving in close when I stopped and enjoyed my stillness.






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