Letting Go Of Anticipation

anticipationI catch myself looking at handsome guys looking at me.


As I gaze at them briefly and smile a ray of sunshine on ’em, there’s a little voice in me whispering things to me . . .

Whispering that my dress is too tight/short/etc., that I shouldn’t be smiling at men as they might get the wrong impression, that he’s just looking for a good time . . .

That little voice lives inside my head and her name is Anticipation.

But I lull her and shush her quiet, because I’m in control of this whole scenario so I don’t need to anticipate a thing! I am in control of my life.

I have a choice of what to do in this situation, and I choose my feminine power.

I chose to lean back into my feminine energy. I choose to keep the focus of this moment entirely on me.  I choose to be 100% in touch with my true feeling as they swirl around in me.

I choose the man in my life – it is not by chance.  I choose to speak my truth to him and not to make him the villain of Anticipation bouncing around in my head.

How does your anticipation (Negative Voice) affect you?





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