Letting Go Of Expectations

How would it feel to be surprised

and to be okay with what a man does

to make you happy?

It would feel good, I know.

It works lovely for me!

Try this approach and see how it works for you:

installment plan

It starts with enjoying and appreciating

your own personal time.

Creating and meeting your own creative

needs and pampering yourself often.

Live Laugh Love

Make it a point to find the beauty and joy

in the things that you enjoy.

Don’t forget your close friends/family.

Enjoy your time with them too

(even if you prefer to limit it).

Passion is doing what you love

Get out and pursue the things that

set your soul on fire.

These are your passions.

Live them at least monthly.

lean back into your sexy

Make it a point to soften up.

Focus on what you enjoy

about being a woman.

Treat yourself to flowers,

music, laughter, make-up, etc.

journal your feelings

Write down your feelings,

dreams, desires and needs.

Make this a manuscript of

what keeps you happy.

speak your truth

Put your feelings into words and share

with him what you want.

Express your feelings about what feels

good that he does.

Share your feelings about your life passions

and what you enjoy.


And when you’re feeling bad,

be honest about that too.

Always express something

positive first, then share your

other feelings

(it’s best to have a script

written in these circumstances).

Leaning back more

Give in to your feelings.

Don’t deny them or hide them.

Open up and feel.

Accept and fit his requests to spend time

with you into your schedule.

Remember to lean back and

stay in the moment.

Stay connected with your feelings.


Staying in the moment

means not future thinking or making plans.

Glossary of videos

Just be in your feminine.











letting go of anticipation


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