How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Man or a Relationship


dont lose yourself to a man

Do you find yourself feeling

Confused or frustrated by a man’s sudden withdrawal?

Waiting for a man’s phone call?

Thinking about him constantly?

Missing a man when he is not around?

Wanting to spend every possible minute together with him?


Does this feel awful to you to feel these things? Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself in a relationship or to a man?

I know these feelings, I’ve felt them many times in my past. We’ve all been there!   BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

I experienced these feelings often until I did something about it . . . and I’m going to share what I did with you now . . .

The secret to overcoming these feelings is to shift your focus!


It took three easy but important steps to achieve this change and it happened FAST!

What happened to me specifically?

I stopped waiting for a man to call

I no longer felt frustrated or confused by a man’s withdrawal

I stopped constantly thinking about a man

I began carving out time to enjoy stuff that made me happy and feel alive.

I took the focus off of “the man” and instead shifted the focus onto ME!

I know you can do this do too and have the same quick results!

Here are the three important steps you need in order to shift your focus:


Step One

Understand that you do not “become one with a man.” That is a fairy tale!

Truth is, you’re connected to him through and by the relationship between you.

There is you, there is him and between you and him is the relationship – separate and apart from you and from him, yet connecting to and shared between you.

Step Two

Embrace the fact that YOU’RE the Prize and your focus should be on you, NOT him.

Your focus should be on the yummy, delicious, wonderful and juicy things you enjoy about being a woman.



Step Three

Continue to enjoy doing the things you like to do . . . Make time for what you enjoy the most! Carve out time in your schedule for YOU!







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