Loving From Your Feminine Energy


(1) Loving from your feminine energy requires personal authenticity and truth . . .  (because being authentic and honoring what you truly feel and want means that you’re being GENUINE).

(2) Being genuine is crucial  because attraction, connection and Love all happen when you’re in touch with the truth in your heart and soul.

Loving from your Feminine Energy is easy when you understand the BALANCE between your Feminine and Masculine energies . . .

Yin v. Yang
Masculine v. Feminine
Giving v. Receiving
Initiating v. Responding


No matter how you understand it, there’s a balance of opposite energy within you.






Your masculine energy is powerful.

It’s the moving and doing part of your life.

It helps you to get places.

It’s forceful.

While your masculine energy is just as important as your feminine energy
(because it’s how you get things done in life),
masculine energy has a repelling and pushing effect in love interactions with a man.

Your masculine energy repels and pushes at his natural masculine tendencies. 

A (masculine) man craves your feminine energy, not your masculine energy.



Feminine energy is allowing the natural flow of his masculine energy to happen.

This flow happens when you stay in your feminine energy when interacting with him (rather than using your masculine energy).

Experiencing this flow is a practice known as Leaning Back.

leaning back to be pleased


And I can tell you from personal experience that Leaning Back into your Feminine Energy WORKS.

leaning back2


The BALANCE begins by recognizing your masculine energy but embracing your feminine energy.

I encourage you to let your feminine energy lead you in positive words, actions and thoughts.

Let your masculine energy get you where you want to be and take care of what you need to do.

But allow your feminine energy to shine bright with the love you have inside of you.

ALL LOVE, not just romantic.

The Love for your family
The Love for your friends
The Love for your community
The Love for God, the universe or the higher power that you recognize.

Allowing your inner love to shine brightly is the secret key of being feminine!

Your feminine energy is the key

Your feminine energy is key to finding the balance between the love you have for yourself and the kind of love that you want to receive in your relationship.

Put another way, feminine energy is about loving yourself and then recognizing and ACCEPTING love from someone else . . .

Embracing this balance changes the way you speak and act!

Begin your Irresistible journey with the ACADEMY.

With Much Love,

Tatia Dee




relationship space for a man





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