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A Leaning Back Tip for When You're Upset

Here's an interesting article about how men think (sometimes)  🙂


I was talking to a bunch of guys the other day out in the afternoon sunshine.

We were just sitting there talking about life and day-to-day stuff.

Then one of them takes a call from his lady, talks for a while, and says "I love you" as he's ending the call.

So the other guys say, "oh, she's your baby now!?" and he said "yeah" with a smile.

I chimed in that I felt that it was sweet what he did and that he should absolutely tell her he loves her because tomorrow is not promised and she needs to hear that.

So one of the other guys says "what if you're mad at her?"

Wow, you can just imagine THAT got the conversation going!

It was interesting to hear these men express their points of view on this topic.


The answer was no!!

He said "it's giving in, I don't want to give in."

I stuck to my guns that he could stay mad but still write a note or tell her he loves her even though he's upset with her.

He INSISTED ". . . NO, that's giving in Tee." "I can't give in."

I get it. It's masculine energy.

But wouldn't it be great if she could make him feel safe to say he loves her even though he's angry at her?

He doesn't want to give in, but if she softened the situation, maybe it could happen more easily (regardless to who was at fault)?

Needless to say . . . I didn't "win" the argument, lol.

And, of course, I did back down (eventually).

After all, they were men and they were sharing their truth with me.

I had to respect and accept that.




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"Masculine energy is naturally drawn to feminine energy.
To maintain this attraction, the feminine energy
creates space for the masculine energy
to close in the distance.

The process of creating
and maintaining this space
is called Leaning Back."