Melting is showing your interest in a man (which falls under the Leaning Back topic of responding).

A lot of men say that when a woman's leaning back, sometimes it seems like she's not interested.

That's how I developed the practice of Melting because it's a way of showing your interest as an irresistible leaning back woman.

Begin with noticing him, because in order to melt, there must be contact, connection and proximity with him.

In that proximity, you're noticing him, what he does that pleases you, and you notice things about him, such as how delicious his cologne smells, or his appearance.

After noticing him, you want to smile . . . this is your response.  You see, a smile goes a long way, even if you're just smiling to yourself.

The next part of Melting is touch.  Whether or not he's physically touching you, the nearness of him is what triggers the melt.

When he gets close, you're allowing his presence and nearness to warm you.  The key is to be present.  You're completely in your feelings.

Then, if he touches you, you want ot soften to that touch.

So, even if he's just brushing something off your shoulder or putting his arm around you, soften into his touch. Feel his energy.

This is recieving and responding.  You're receiving his touch, enjoying the physical contact in that moment, and then responding to the feeling of his of his touch or nearness.

Give into it, enjoy it and let him know that it's pleasing with an "ooooh," a smile or even just a light touch in response.

That's the secret to this practice.

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