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“Circular Dating” is not actually about dating.

It’s a tool we use in coaching practice!

Circular Dating is INTERACTING with men at a level you’re comfortable with.

It’s the practice of the tool of Circular Dating that helps you keep the Focus On You and off any one particular man.

And, at the same time, when you’re dealing with a man in particular, you’re leaning back while being warm and open to him when he leans in to connect with you.

Connection, in Circular Dating, is when a man shows interest in you, when he communicates with you, when he spends time with you, and when he is intimate with you.

So you see, YOU choose which level you’re comfortable interacting at with any man.

I remember how exciting it was when I first learned about Circular Dating.

It was a whole new approach to men!

It changed 

– how and when I spoke to men,

– how I responded to men and

– how I began to feel about myself, which was more sexy and powerful.

I felt like the center of attention, like my dance card was always TOO full, and that I didn’t need to chase, call, email, or do anything to feel connected to a man.

It was an amazing experience! 

Once I noticed men noticing me . . .

(and rather than immediately judge an interested man who approached me and wanted to communicate)

I Leaned Back, remained open, received the attention & started communicating with different interesting men!

While I didn’t date but a few of them, the quality of men interested in me began to increase!

It felt really good to Keep the Focus on Me and always feel in control of myself, knowing the choice was always mine!

It’s a new way of dealing with men and “dating.”

As I’ve said before, Circular Dating is all about HOW you interact with any man . . .

    Who is Noticing You,

    Who is Interested in and Communicating with You, 

    Who is Spending Time with You, and

    Who You may be Intimately Involved with.

Any man who is noticing you, interested in you, spending time with you or intimate with you is in your Rotation of Men.

You see, this is not just about dating.  

Every woman,  whether she is single, married or in a relationship, interacts with men on a daily basis!

We all have men who are interested in us even though we may be involved with someone else.

The Circular Dating approach is about being open to receiving the attention of men, at the level you’re comfortable with.

Thus, a married woman could say “good morning” and smile at the coffee barista each day before work . . . that’s Circular Dating.

A woman dating the same man for years can have conversations with a trainer at her gym every time they see each other there . . . that’s Circular Dating.

A woman who is single and dating can spend time at brunch, lunch, dinner, at the movies or anywhere else with different men who are interested in her. . . that’s Circular Dating.

The point is, YOU get to decide what level of interaction to have with any man in  your Rotation.


SO HOW DO YOU START CIRCULAR DATING?  It begins with being in your Feminine Power and interacting with people out in the world.

You Start By being in the moment.  
By Leaning back and noticing people.
By staying in touch with your feelings.
By practicing smiling, holding eye contact and receiving attention.
You start Circular Dating by being “open” and receiving the attention of an interested man who approaches you (without judging or dismissing him), knowing the CHOICE of level to interact is YOURS.








  1. joss on September 18, 2014 at 12:18 am

    circular dating is fun now that i get it
    men are every where smiling for me

    • Tatia on September 18, 2014 at 3:04 pm

      Hi Joss:

      Circular dating has immediate results! Remember to practice one tool every chance you get, whether it’s holding eye contact and smiling or leaning back. And let me know your experiences! I love hearing about it!



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