Movement is the process of Leaning Back, Stepping Back and Walking Away.

Movement is how a leaning back high value woman protects herself (instead of putting up walls and shutting out people or situations that are unknown, harmful or scary).

Movement is exercising your power core to create distance between yourself and whatever triggers you.

You receive a trigger, pause and then lean back in response, giving yourself space.


If that's not enough, the next step in movement is to step back. That means you've engaged more of your body, you're taking more of a protective stance to get a bigger picture of what's going.


Then, if necessary, the final step of movement is walking away from the triggering person or situation.  Walking away is physically removing yourself by walking out of the room, getting up from the table, getting out of the car, etc.

The power of movement helps you protect yourself and avoids your reacting or being masculine.

You're creating distance to get a better view of the situation, while also giving yourself an opportunity to shift your focus to something other than what's triggered you.

How do you use this movement in a positive way?

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