Moon Lady

Feminine Energy Program Positive Masculine Energy

Do you ever feel

Lonely, Stressed out, Unhappy or dissatisfied?

I know how you feel . . .

My Story

There was a point in my life where I needed to change things.

I was stressed out,

emotionally spent

and nothing made me happy longer than a few hours or a day.

I could just feel the need for a change. 


So, I decided to redesign myself!

And since I knew it couldn’t happen overnight . . .

I had to do this in baby steps!


I started with listing what I wanted to accomplish

(allowing more feminine energy into my daily life)

And then taking baby steps towards my goals each week

(Leaning Back practices and making myself a priority).

After 4 weeks I made a new list of goals and started again

(focusing on different areas of my relationships, career and desires).



Now I’m 110% happier than before!

The secret was allowing my feminine energy to guide my masculine energy 

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