Her Masculine Side Exposed


Don't let the smile fool you . . . she's lethal!

Let me introduce you to Tee . . .
She's an Alpha Woman extraordinaire!

You see, Tee is my masculine energy.

feminine energy relationship don't do list - leaning forward

About a decade ago, Tee (and her masculine tendencies) was in control of my love & life.

But today, after years of Leaning Back, she and I are co-partners in Life (not love - although she enjoys the outcome) and I lead with my Feminine Energy 90% of the time.


I'm sharing this Alpha Woman story with you to give you an honest view of those 10% moments when Tee goes solo and needs to be reeled back into my feminine approach to life.


Hopefully, these raw (and sometimes comical) moments will reveal how you can recognize/understand your masculine energy and get her to co-exist with your feminine energy for a beautiful irresistible outcome.



I care - a lot.  My heart was open all day and I was feeling considerate and compassionate.

Tee (Ms. Alphawoman extraodinarie) gave two f*cks less about anybody or anything not contributing to the work she had to accomplish today.

She wanted to steamroll everyone who got in her way.

Oh my my my, Tee's a handful.

I soothed her with a long walk in the brisk air, listened to her, acknowledged her, thanked her, and then reminded her we are a team, but that I AM IN CHARGE, and we are going to proceed with the rest of our day in as feminine a way as possible.

Luckily, our common ground is Love, Happiness & Positivity, and after calming down, she got busy planning our next business move while I sipped a cappacuino and enjoyed the cool afternoon breeze - noticing the flirting smiles and responding to the "good evening" greetings as I strolled along.  OUTCOME: As an Alpha Woman, it's these moments (when your masculine and feminine join forces) when you put out an irresistible energy that's magnitizing!

Until my next masculine moment . . .