To EXPLORE is to observe something in a careful way in order to learn more about it.  Exploring is going to new territory for adventure.


Are you ready to explore your opportunities?

-To learn more?  

-To enjoy new experiences?


Whether you're married, in a relationship or single, for the next 2 weeks, I invite you to observe the men around you - pay attention and notice who is noticing you . . .  Explore! 

My Bag Lady Adventure

I've been on an adventure all week. I purposely carried several big bags with me each day I went to work.

Delightfully, men were leaping and reaching for doors, holding doors and offering to help me with my multiple bags!  They were all so nice and attentive! 


I practiced my Leaning Back tools and graciously thanked each and every one with eye contact, a smile and a gracious "thank you" as I hustled and bustled my way through the week.



The point of this exploration was to catch myself judging men.  They were all shapes, sizes, ages, races and styles of dressing.


Some of them wanted to talk (and I did, briefly), others just smiled.  One asked what perfume was I wearing and said it was his new favorite.


Yet the one consistent experience was that each man came forward towards me, to assist me -  because I was open to their helping me . . . I was  Leaning Back and not judging them!


Besides being open to a man's help, Leaning Back involves having no expectation or anticipation, and this also means no judgment.

During this adventure, I found a way to Appreciate, rather than form an opinion about each man who started a conversation, held a door for me or helped me with my bags this week.


What I discovered immediately was that in Leaning Back, I'd opened myself up to experience and interact with men rather than close myself off behind a wall of fear and old habits. My adventure was truly enlightening!


You see, my adventure was actually Circular Dating, which, as you can see, was not "dating" at all!

Circular Dating is a way of interacting with people (yes, not just men) where you exercise being in your Feminine Power (such as Leaning back and second level listeningkeeping eye contact and smiling).


I'll write about Circular Dating more in my next Newsletter. For the next 2 weeks, please explore - observe the men around you - pay attention - and notice them noticing you!