Being in your Feminine energy (leaning back) should happen everyday.

But it's not easy. We have things that need to get done! We've got places to get to. Kids to feed, jobs to show up for . . .

But this is your doing energy. Feminine energy is about being . . . 


Where Do You Feel Your Poetry?

I find that I need to be aware of when I'm in my masculine power, so that I can lean back and be in my feminine power more often.

I'm leaning back from my masculine mode of coaching and sharing this important step of scripting from a softer view.


Where do you feel your poetry?
What color is it?
Is it cool, soothing, warm, invigorating or something else?

Before you can script a feeling message, you've got to practice putting your feelings to words.


Look at the butterfly in the picture above. Now describe the butterfly.

Now look at the butterfly, imagine it's right in front of you, on a flower, and you're in a fragrant meadow of lavender, watching the butterfly color the air with the music of it's wings.


Now, say how you feel and where you feel it.

Now image you're sitting across from (a man) (your man) (that man), and he asks you "What's Up?"

An attractive young woman on romantic date with her sweetheart in a restaurant

Write down your feeling message response based on how you feel looking at the butterfly above.

Here's where I feel my poetry:
I feel my poetry in my chest. It's a warm bronze, shining in the setting sun, like a fragrant candle-lit bubble bath.

Here's my description:
To me, the butterfly looks majestic and poised to let the wind under her wings.

Here's my feeling message:
I feel breezy and open like a deep breath filling my chest with warm air. I feel light and rising.

Do you think that this feeling message would get a man's attention?

If you're not familiar with speaking from your feelings, or if you're out of practice, then start here: