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I received a question from a subscriber asking me about man management, dating and men who disappear.

She wanted to know what to do about men being very attracted to her, coming on strong (calling, texting and dating her), but then they lose interest after a couple of months.


"I have dated many men in just a space of a few years, they are so attracted to me at first, they call, text and all, but within a few months they lose interest. I cant make them commit. What should I do?"


I've certainly been where you are - I totally get what you mean about how strong men will come on to you, and then how they gradually seem like they don't want to commit.

Without knowing more, the first thing I would suggest is to Focus on YOU more.

And by that I mean when men are interested in you, and pursuing you, focus on yourself.

This looks like not being so "wooooooed" by any one guy.

This is why I encourage Circular Dating - interacting with men on different levels,

(1) those who are interested in you,

(2) those who are communicating with you based on their interest in you,

(3) those who are taking you out and spending time with you based on their interest in you, and

(4) those you have intimate contact with you (like kissing, hugging, etc.).

Circular dating changes how and when you speak to men, how you responded to men and how you feel about yourself - you begin to feel more confident and sexy!

You deal with any man on any of the four levels THE SAME WAY . . . which is achieved by something I teach my clients during coaching sessions called Your Rotation of Men.

It's about creating both warmth and distance with a man.

Distance in that you're always leaning back, giving yourself space from a man . . .

And at the same time generating and holding warmth
for him when he connects with you.

This distance and warmth approach applies to all of the men in your rotation!




Let's focus on the Warmth approach.

The first step of warmth involves practicing how NOT to speak to a man. I coach my clients on the Don't Do List in knowing what not to say to man.

Sticking to this list keeps you from being in your head, and instead, help you be there and in moment with him.

The next step of warmth involves

(1) feeling what you feel,

(2) feeling your feelings in response to what he says and does, and

(3) speaking your feelings to him.

You ALWAYS practice your rotation of men when you interact with the men who are interested in you!

Love & Light,

Tatia Dee


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Tatia Dee

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