5 Day No-Contact Guide for Feminine Women

Special Feminine No-Contact Guide
An Emergency BREAK UP Starter Kit (Part 1)

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Prepare for the next 5 days by
1. putting together your essentials (your Kit) and
2. reviewing what’s important (the Rules) below:


Your Kit

1. Music Player (anything without internet/data, if possible)

2. A large notebook/journal and/or a pocket size notebook/journal

3. Books or magazines to read

4. Box of facial tissues

5. CD/Blu-ray Player (or other means to watch movies without data/internet/streaming, if possible)

6. Five days of groceries/meals

7. Print this page (so no-device required)




No Devices includes no social media.  Your true friends will understand that you’re not scrolling/posting for 5 days.  They can meet you face-to-face instead.

If you have kids or are a caretaker,
then keep your ringer low and check for
(same for non-business emails).

No Contact means Don’t go anywhere you will see your ex.

If you work in the same office, then minimize your contact to the extent possible.

No Contact also means Don’t take any of his calls, listen to any voice messages he leaves, read any text/messages or read any emails he sends you.




Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


Day Five


Day Six

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day One



Today, you’re allowed to pretend it’s not over.

Let your mind explore all of the scenarios of how it’s not over and how things will magically be okay.  Journal about this.

Spend your non-working hours watching movies, reading or listening to music.

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day Two


If possible, you might not want to be around people today.

You get to scream, shout, write very angry letters (in your journal) and throw pillows.

Spend your calmer hours listening to music and maybe watch a movie.

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day Three


Whatever it is . . . don’t do it! Do not give in to the temptation!

You can manage this no-contact part.  Remember, it’s important. You’re halfway there.

Today is a good day for a friend to come by or go out and meet up with friends for a change of scenery.

Spend the remainder of your time writing in your journal, taking a warm bath/shower, listening to music, watching a movie or sleeping.

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day Four


This is your designated cry day.

If you feel like you can’t bring up the tears, then look at photos, watch a movie or listen to sad music.

Remember, the best heart wrenching cries happen in the shower.

Cry until you can’t cry anymore.

I totally suggest a solid night of sleep.

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day Five


Today you’re making a plan of how you want to improve your life.

Write down your ideas and plans in your journal.

List three ways you can start to get your sexy back.

Spend some time cleaning up or organizing.

Spend the rest of your free time doing anything soothing.

[Motivational Short

The Feminine Energy Way to Move On (and get your sexy back):
1. Take Time To Heal
2. Reconnect With Life
3. Do What Feels Good
4. Share Your Feelings
5. Take Time-outs
6. Plan to Socialize
7. Love Again In A Feminine Way ]

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Day Six


Power up your devices

and sign up for Part 2 of the

Break Up Kit

to continue

the process.


Part 2

Feminine Energy no contact breakup kit

Heal Your Heart,
Reconnect to Your Joy and
Get Your Sexy Back.




feminine energy leaning back break up kit

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