Feminine Energy – Powered by the New Moon



Today is day one of my Feminine Energy Program (my New Moon ritual).

The purpose is to make positive changes in my life in baby steps – that’s why it’s a monthly ritual.

It’s a very powerful experience!

I begin the makeover today by:

1. Focusing on 10 goals that I want to achieve.

2. Considering the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals.

3. Writing down my goals in my journal.

This first week I’ve completed Steps One and Two:

Step One: Consider what I want to achieve and

Step Two: Make a written list of my 10 goals

I keep my list handy so that I can refer back to it throughout the week to plan the steps I need to take for the next four weeks.


Last week I made my list of 10 baby steps that I want to accomplish.

This week I’m getting creative in my approach to Steps Three, Four and Five:

Step Three: Adding inspiration,

Step Four: Reading & research

Step Five: Putting it all in my journal.

Since my focus this month is on awareness and openness,
I’ve been doing guided meditations.

Check out my blog post on Calmness to read more about it.


This is the third week of my ritual!

Going to treat myself special one day this week to celebrate and you should too!

Take it easy and go with the flow this week as you celebrate your makeover by doing something that makes you feel great.

This week I’m at Steps Six & Seven:

Step Six:  I’ve planned a day to just for me and

Step Seven: I’m being patient with myself.


My ritual for this New Moon is winding down . . . slowly preparing for the next New Moon.  This is a time of reflection, understanding and adjustment.

It’s about abandoning old habits that don’t work for me anymore.

This is one of the main steps in dealing with challenges – accepting change.

For this final week I’m focusing on Step Eight of my ritual:

Step Eight: I’m reflecting on my goals.

What I did to achieve them,

How I feel about these achievements and

What I may need to do to further it in the future.

Feminine Energy Program – Powered by the New Moon

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