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LEVEL ONE - Positive Masculine Energy

The introduction to the Feminine Energy Program begins with first using your Masculine Energy to align with your dreams goals and desires.


LEVEL TWO - Monthly Ritual

The next phase of the Feminine Energy Program expands the ritual of pursuing your dreams, goals and desires to a 28-30 day cycle.


LEVEL THREE - Powered By The New Moon

The main portion of the Program shifts your monthly ritual to align with the lunar cycle  and utilizes your Feminine Energy which is in tune with the emotional influences the Moon as you venture towards your dreams, goals and desires.  Level Three of the Feminine Energy Program provides you with the powerful advantage of owning and understanding your emotional patterns rather than being subject to the random push-pull of uncharted feelings.  This journey of your Feminine Energy begins with the New Moon - a new emotional cycle (emphasized by the moon's astrological location) of renewing your efforts towards your dreams, goals and desires while allowing your feminine energy to guide you.


The Enhanced Feature of the Program progresses to the First Quarter Moon (where you add creativity), Full Moon (where you celebrate your results), Last Quarter Moon (where you reflect) and then to the next New Moon Phase where you renew and begin again.


The Advanced Feature of the Program takes a more indepth recognition of the feelings influencing your feminine energy and interactions as the moon bobs-and-waves through the 12 astrological signs from one New Moon to the next (the body is 60% water!)