When Life & Relationships Go Crazy . . . Open up !

Feeling Overwhelmed

Can We Talk??

(R.I.P. Joan River 1933-2014)

Dedicated to “A” for Listening To me ♥

OMG – I had an emotional and exhausting week!
“Can we talk?”

I cried, I screamed, I anguished, I lamented . . .

I was overjoyed, I was happy, I was was grateful . . .

I was overwhelmed emotionally.

Yes, me, the coach – utterly emotionally overwhelmed!

Because I felt everything and it all hit me hard!
(All at once, the good and the bad)

I had to take my OWN coaching advice and lean back in my relationship, feel and speak my feelings . . .
And this is where it worked!


I cried.
I screamed.
I hurt.
I cried some more.
I opened up and shared my truth!

I talked my talk and
I walked my walk.


And I got it through y’all.

And You can too!



Feel your true ugly and honest feelings

Get into the belly of your pit of despair

Scream until you feel it

Cry until your soul wrings out the pain

and then find your quiet

and Reconnect with you Power.

Rest and renew . . .

and you’ll see (as I did)

That as long as you’re true to your feelings . . . 
You’ll come out on top . . .









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