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Your Current Situation . . . 

Maybe you want to learn more about your feminine energy

Maybe you want to understand how to lean back

Maybe you’re dating and you want to find the right person for you

Maybe you just want someone to listen

Maybe you want to get your ex back

Maybe you want to improve your current relationship

Maybe you’re afraid

Maybe you’ve realized you’re in the wrong relationship but you don’t know what you want to do

Maybe you’re looking for a life partner

Maybe you’re lonely

Maybe you feel torn between two relationships

Maybe your current partner has hurt you or betrayed you

Maybe you’re depressed

Maybe you’re angry

Maybe you’re tired of the drama and are looking for a better life

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is LOVE, how you want it to feel and how you want to experience it.



Warning . . . This approach isn’t for everyone.

It takes inner-work to face your own authenticity and truth.

But the immediate results are mind-blowing!

Genuine Attraction, genuine connection and genuine love all happen because you’re in touch with your feminine energy.

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We Start With Understanding The Balance . . .

Yin and Yang

Masculine and Feminine

Giving and 

Receiving, Initiating and Responding


No matter how you understand it, there’s a balance of energy in all situations.

Our focus here is on our feminine interactions with others . . . specifically romantic interactions.

We want to feel good.

We want to share.

We want to feel cared for.

We want to feel desired.

We want to feel wanted.

We want to feel connection.

We want to love and be loved.

We want a perfect love.

There’s a balance of energy involved in receiving all that you want, and if you don’t allow the natural flow to happen, then you’re going to experience problems.  It’s this imbalance that causes most of the relationship issues that we all experience.



It’s the natural flow of masculine energy towards feminine energy.

Experiencing this flow is a practice known as leaning back.

leaning back to be pleased

BUT  .  .  .


Some women don’t want to hear about accepting a man’s answer

Others don’t agree with letting a man initiate contact or pursue a woman and

Many say that the feminine leaning-back approach is archaic or outdated.

They’re all entitled to their beliefs and I wish them well in their on-line search for answers to their problems.


For those of you who’ve honestly embraced your feminine energy and have tried this approach, you KNOW that embracing your feminine energy has both a self empowering and positive impact in your life.

And I can tell you from personal experience that IT WORKS.

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The balance begins by honoring your masculine energy and embracing your feminine energy.

We all have both energies within us.

I encourage you to let your feminine energy lead you in positive words, actions and thoughts.

Let your masculine energy get you where you want to be and take care of what you need to do.

But most importantly, allow your feminine energy to shine bright with the love you have inside of you.

ALL LOVE, not just romantic.

The Love for your family

The Love for your friends

The Love for your community

The Love for God, the universe or the higher power that you recognize.

Allowing your inner self to shine brightly is the secret of being feminine!

This is the first step towards having the love that’s perfect for you.

Your feminine energy is the key

Your feminine energy is the key to finding the balance between the love for yourself and the kind of love that you want to receive.

Put another way, feminine energy is about loving yourself and then recognizing and ACCEPTING love from someone else . . . What’s “perfect” depends on what you truly enjoy, want and need.  Embracing this balance changes the way you speak and act . . .  watch my free Leaning Back Webinar recording to learn more.

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