Once you become aware of your Positive Masculine Energy, you're more sensitive to the energies within you and around you. Energy is like a magnet . . . it draws to and repels against other energy.

I focus on two particular energies - feminine and masculine. They're very powerful. They're so powerful that we actually have the ability to INFLUENCE others with our energies (and be influenced by their energy). It's contagious!



So now that you're working on your Positivity, ask yourself, what positive feminine energy do you practice?

Likewise, ask yourself what type of energies are you exposing yourself to? What energies are you influenced by in your daily routines?

Personally, I prefer to be positively influenced by the energies around me. I even SEEK OUT energy from others.



There are times when I want to experience healing energy, and thus (in addition to creating it within myself) I seek it out from others (and I normally know just who to go to!). Ever call a friend knowing that the conversation is going to make you feel better?

This exchange of influencing energies works both ways! I can tell when someone is seeking energy from me. Knowing that I have the power to influence them, I always choose to be positive. I am purposely positive energy for them. And for myself. This takes some practice at awareness, and meditation helps as well. But it's well worth the time and effort. And it feels good overall.



So how do we deal with energies that aren't positive? Indeed, there are times when I feel, see and experience other people’s negative energies . . . without characterizing, stereo-typing or diagnosing, I prefer to call it poor energy.

I can especially sense this poor energy when I'm feeling low or distracted. Rather than pass judgment or engage the person, I chose not to be influenced by it and not to be exposed to it for any length of time.

If you think about it, you've had this type of energy experience with others as well.

It looks and feels like:
Busy-Body Talk

These types of energies can also easily influence our love relationships! We sometimes let drama affect the energies between us. We sometimes let anger affect the energies between us. And we sometimes let gossip affect the energies between us.

These are just some examples of how deeply the influences of other's energies can impact us.

My point is that in both love & life, it's important to try to be purposely positive in our energy because of how easily influential our energies can be.  So, important to stay a High Value Woman.

Consider how the influences you're exposed to affect your energy with your loved ones. In love, as well as life, it's imperative to be aware of the influences other peoples' energies have on you because you can then take those same energies and infect your relationship with them.

The best way to avoid this type of infectious situation is to be in touch with your own energy so that you can more readily become aware of the influencing energies around you.

When you're experiencing something negative, slow down and feel your feelings in the moment. Be present and aware of what you're feeling.

For example, let's say there's one day where you're not feeling such positive energy . . .

Either you took a phone call, or read an email or had a conversation with someone that left you feeling "icky."

Your partner, family member or close friend, on the other hand, is bubbly, happy and wanting to engage . . . What do you do?

You Take A Moment To Yourself To Feel Your Energies And Dig Deep To Embrace What You're Feeling.



Personally, I'd seek out the type of energy that I needed to shift my feelings . . . if not to positive, then at least to soft.

I'd go buy flowers, or go for a walk in a park or at the beach.

I'd just stand out in the air or in the sun and let that energy pervade me.

I'd let go of whatever feeling (or thought) that disturbed or troubled me . . .

And then I'd feel a bit more receptive to my that person's good mood/energy.

This is an example of how we use our feminine power (energy) to enhance our relationships!

As you practice Positive Feminine Energy, just remember that influencing energies occur everywhere in our lives.

So it's important to be aware of them in order to keep positive in our relationships as well as in our personal experiences.

I invite you to be purposely positive!

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