Power Moves – The Body Language of Love


Have you ever checked your actual body language when you’re leaning back?

What are your eye & hand movements conveying?

What message is your posture and facial expression sending?

What signals do your “movements” give?

Let’s explore becoming more aware of the masculine energy that might be seeping into your body language (and causing you to lean forward).


Your feelings show up in your body quite often.

When this happens, do you ignore it, mask it or embrace it?

Do you ever stew in anger, ache in emotional pain, shake in frustration, flutter in confusion or squirm in discomfort?

It’s often apparent when you’re experiencing these kinds of feelings.

And the feminine thing to do is to process your feelings and just get to the root of the matter; embracing it and healing it.

Not only does this processing of feelings make you feel better, but it gives off a message (through your body language) that you’re in control of yourself despite being triggered.

It shows the softness and strength of your feminine energy.

Body Language Is Apparent

Body language is an undeniable form of communication because it reveals your thoughts, feelings, urges and intentions.

This is why in our feminine energy we exercise “movement,” like leaning back, stepping back and walking away so that we’re not stuck in a masculine vibe.


You see, men are sensitively aware of our body movements.

They can pick up on subtle things instinctively (even over the phone).

So don’t try to hide it or deny it.

Don’t lie about what’s really going on.

Stay in your feminine power and use your feeling messages to let him know you’re truth in that moment.

And if you don’t know what’s going on or bothering you, then say that.

Are you aware of what your body is “speaking” to a man?

It’s crucial to be aware of whether it’s a feminine or masculine energy that your body is expressing in that moment.


Here’s an easy checklist to go through to figure out if it’s masculine energy:

(a) do you want to control him?

(b) do you want to control the situation or the outcome?

(c) do you want to criticize him?

(d) do you want to advise him or help him?

(e) are you judging him?

(f) do you want to warn him?

(g) do you want to coax him into doing something?

(h) do you want to suggest something to him?

(i) do you want to complain about something?

(j) do you want to get information from him or about him?

(k) do you want to change his mind about something?

Rest assured that these are all masculine in nature!

And your posture, eye & hand movements and facial expressions will certainly convey this masculine energy.

Change Your Body Language To Speak Feminine

What should you do when you’re feeling needy, clingy, insecure, jealous, forceful or upset?

If you’re not taking the times to process your feelings on the spot, then you’ll likely be displaying these vibes to a man through your facial expressions, eye movements and posture (even though you think you’re hiding it).

More importantly, suppressing or covering up what’s honestly going on inside of you is the beginning phase of a leaning forward moment!

Remember, leaning forward ALWAYS pushes at a man. It’s a reversal of the energy connection and emotional attraction.

So in that moment, your body language can cause a lot of damage, drama or misunderstandings because it’s “pushing” energy.

When you notice a change in your body language (or even in his behavior) check your feelings.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language And Exercise Whatever Movement Is Necessary To Stay In Your Feminine Power.

Feelings are key to your Feminine Movement

Are you wanting to do something, make something happen or inquire about something?

Seek the feeling behind that!

What are you feeling, and where in your body do you feel it?

Put some movement into your body in that moment:

Rock your head from side to side
Roll your shoulders
Shake your arms a bit
Breathe deeply
Shake and roll your bottom
Stretch your legs out
Stand up and walk around
Walk outside or out of the room
or put the phone on hold/mute


Don’t let the acidity of a bad thought or negative feeling eat away at the connection you have with a man.

Don’t let it make you lean forward.

Let Your Body Language Speak Your Feminine Power.

Rely on your feminine energy to know what movement you need in order to feel better and shift your vibe.

Is leaning back enough?

Do you need to create more distance by stepping back?

Do you need to walk away temporarily and get out of the room?

Release whatever masculine energy is occurring in your thoughts or feelings and feel your spine surrounded by your softness.

Let the power in your body resolve whatever the issue is, whether it’s fear, anger, mistrust, jealousy or something else.

Whatever it is, let it go for that moment and realize that you get to choose what to deal with or what not to deal with.

If an issue is confusing you or eating away at you, then process it and put together a script if you need to, but don’t let it dwell in your thoughts and your body.

Move Your Body.

If a man’s presence is triggering you so badly about an issue or concern, then give yourself some distance from him for a little while so you can work through the issue.

Take some ‘me time’ for yourself and heal.

You might say to him “I feel so happy to see you/hear you voice. But right now I need a moment.
I’m feeling ____________ and I need to deal with this before it eats me up inside.
Can I talk to you/see you later on?”

(He may ask you what’s going on, thus giving you an opportunity to open up, be vulnerable and use your feeling messages – all completely feminine-powered ways of dealing with a problem!)

Taking this approach, your inside will match your outside and he can see and feel your genuineness (no matter what’s going on or how bad the situation/thought/feeling is).

You body will only speak your truth, and the truth is that you’re aware, in control and taking care of YOU!


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