Advanced Leaning Back Membership


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As an Irresistible Woman, you want to practice your Leaning Back Skills regularly.

Your Leaning Back skills include:

(1) Just “being” rather than doing (which draws him in closer, avoids pushing him away or obstructing his efforts)

(2) Communicating what feels good to you (by understanding your personal relationship boundaries),

(3) Enjoying  your “Me Time” away from him and the relationship (which intrigues him),

(4) Valuing your own schedule so that if he Man Caves, Rubber-Bands or pulls away, you’ll never lean forward into the distances he’s created,

(5) Energetically ‘Stepping Away’ from him (or the relationship) to reevaluate your relationship boundaries when it seems that nothing else improves the situation,

(6) Awareness of when you are in your feminine or masculine energy,

(7) Leaning Back skills to keep your “Relationship Space” healthy and

(8) Improving your Leaning Back practices for deeper love and connection.

For a one-time payment, the women in my Advanced Leaning Back Membership community are enhancing their Leaning Back Skills in a comfortable online feminine environment where I provide a growing collection of new and exclusive content which includes:

– An Annual Leaning Back Coaching Event

– Access to my collection of  Leaning Back resources 

– Advanced Leaning Back Inner Circle Newsletter

– Coach Tatia Monthly Video Vlogs

– Advanced Leaning Back Membership HANDBOOK 

– Exclusive Coaching Sessions at only $125.00 per hour

– Recordings of Annual Leaning Back Coaching Events

– Leaning Forward Coaching Video Playlist

– The Don’t Do List Coaching Video Playlist and

– A growing collection of Leaning Back Tools with references.


If you’re ready to take your love life and Leaning Back skills to the next level, then become a member and join our community Today!

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Advanced Leaning Back Membership

As an Advanced Leaning Back Member,
you’ll learn the importance of maintaining your feminine balance.
It starts with one simple question:

What are things you enjoy in love and life?

Know what you want!
Close your eyes and see it.
Picture it.
Embrace the vision in your heart.
Write it down.
Draw it.
Dream about it.
Live it!