Love Beads


This string of Love Beads contains the following gemstones/energies:

Tiger Eye – power, opulence, joy, prosperity, balance, harmony, self-worth

Kambaba (Chaladony) – peace, tranquility, relaxation, compassion, completion

Bronzite – grounding, politeness, self-esteem, peace, harmony, forgiveness

Jasper –  strength, vitality, grounding, empathy

Smokey Quartz – balance, grounding, positivity

Garnet – creativity, sensuality, love

Opalite – positivity, delight, enjoying beauty, light-heartedness

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My Love Beads are
a string of 108 natural gemstones*
on thick silk threading
(knotted just like pearls)
held together by a sterling silver heart clasp.
Click Here to see how I use them for my feminine energy.

*(cleansed & charged w/ Black Kyanite)