Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 26:

I am a giver.

I always find myself helping people.

I love this part about me, but . . . giving is masculine!  

In reconnecting with my Feminine Power, I’ve learned how to focus more on RECEIVING, to get control of my masculine habits.


So how can you interact with people (especially a man) without always finding yourself in a position of giving?

Without always doing?

Aren’t you supposed to show that you care?


The key is to focus on your feminine energy.

Feminine energy is about being, experiencing feeling and being creative.

It’s about receiving and responding.


So by focusing on your feminine energy,

you’re receiving and experiencing your feelings moment to moment

and then  you respond from your feelings.


You replace giving with responding.

That means you let the world initiate and you just respond.

You’re receiving from the people you interact with and you respond to what you receive.


This is a two-step process . . . Receiving and then Responding.


Receiving is NOT about initiating.

It’s about leaning back and letting him initiate.

YOU RECEIVE what he initiates.

It could be anything . . .  like

His Smile
A Flower
A Heartfelt Good Morning Call
A Gift
A Kiss
A Hug

You receive his words and his actions.

When you’re receiving, you aren’t DOING anything.
Remember, DOING is leaning forward – It’s your masculine mode.
Remember, your feminine energy is about Being – not Doing.
And leaning back is about receiving and then responding.

If you’re not leaning back, then you’re in the opposite of receiving – you’re initiating.

Receiving can be difficult . . . If he’s doing nothing, then you’re receiving inaction from him.

Whatever he’s doing (or not doing) . . . receive that from him and be aware of what it feels like to receive this from him.

How does it make you feel?
What’s this experience like for you?
How does it make you feel in this moment? ”

Tatia Dee



 Love is giving yourself the chance to receive.




AWARENESS of receiving.  Are you giving (initiating) or receiving?




 Take notes about your experiences of receiving instead of initiating.








I hope this exercise helped.

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