The first step of Leaning Back is to Receive what you're experiencing in your enviroment.

The second step is to Pause and become aware of your feelings in that moment (arising from what you've received).

The third step of Leaning Back is to then respond from those feelings.



When you receive, you let the world, the person, or your environment, initiate what's being given to you, what's directed at you or what you're being exposed to.

Never skip the receiving part of leaning back!  If you do, then it will result in a REACTION instead of a response.

In leaning back, your feminine guides your masculine with a response based on your feelings.  Otherwise, if you don't pause and process your feelings,  you're going to find yourself reacting from your thoughts and/or beliefs.

When you're receiving, you aren't doing anything or taking any action. This is crucial (remember the "doing" part happens in responding).

Your feminine energy is involved in pausing and processing your feelings (about what's going on around you or what's being directed at you).  This feminine processing of feelings avoids reacting.

In a relationship or dating situation, if a man is NOT doing anything (like not calling or disappearing), then receive that inaction from him.  Be aware of how it feels to you, and process those feelings.

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