Relationship Advice & Love Coaching For Women by Tatia Dee

Relationship Advice & Love Coaching for Women by Tatia Dee

Love Relationship Advice for Women by Coach Tatia Dee

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Susan wrote to me  the other day (I changed her name here) and asked me a beautiful question that inspired me to share part of our conversation . . .

“I would love to know more about you and what you do!!!”


Hi Susan:

I love giving relationship advice and helping women.  My web page, newsletters, love advice articles and programs are just a small part of what I do as a life & relationship coach for women.


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I Provide Love, Relationship & Dating Advice Services For Women.

Coaching is forward looking. It’s not about reliving or defining your past. It’s all about moving forward in a powerful and successful way.

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Coaching Is Hands On Help To Assist You In Achieving Your Goals.

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As Your Coach, I Support You, Make Suggestions, I’m Your Sounding Board, I’m Your Cheerleader, I Help You Strategize Plans To Accomplish What You Want And I Break Down The Steps You Need To Achieve Your Plans.

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Specifically, My Coaching Practice Specializes In How To Be Irresistible In Your Relationship And Happy In Your Life.


The Basis Of This Approach Arises From The Proven Fact That When A Man Is Emotionally Attracted To You, It’s Instinctual – He’s Drawn To You. He Wants To Get In Close And Experience Your Essence. He’s Drawn By Your Feminine Power, And He Won’t Stop Until He Can Connect To You.

It’s This Emotional Desire That Leads Him To Fall In Love.

What Triggers This Attraction Is Your Feminine Power. Thus, The Key To Being Irresistible And Keeping The Emotional Connection With A Man Is In Understanding Your Feminine Power!


Coach Rori Raye


I started out finding Rori’s programs, then her blogs.

I practiced the tools for a few years and then decided to become one of Rori’s coaches!

It has been a wonderful experience because I can give and help and share doing something I really enjoy.



One of the things I do with my clients in coaching sessions is the Modern Siren Combo which is creating warmth and distance.

Distance in that you are always leaning back, giving yourself space from a man, and at the same time generating and holding warmth for him when he does approach.

I also coach about circular dating,

keeping the focus on YOU and

continuing to lean back.

When I do coaching sessions we will practice role-playing, scripting and speeches. . . like the “Row Boat” tool, it really helps.


I hope this response helps you out with your question and that the newsletter, videos and free report give you a bit more background about me. 




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