Relationship Happiness

One of my favorite moments in coaching is when a client realizes that she’s happy.

This Happiness happens

– after a shift in relationship goals,
– a new approach to a love situation,
– when a man steps up (moves the romance forward) and always
– once the client discovers the depth of her power after mastering Leaning Back.


Whether it’s

an engagement ring,


renewed marital bliss,


moving in together,


a new love connection or


success in dating,


relationship happiness is the end-result of  mastering Leaning Back!

NOTE: If you’re new to the practice of leaning back, then please start HERE.


Now, lets talk about Advanced Leaning Back!

Leaning Back Awareness

The Feminine Energy Blueprint for a Happy Relationship is based on Ten Advanced Leaning Back Perspectives:

  1. Awareness
  2. Positive Masculine Energy
  3. Receive & Respond
  4. Be a Girl (Softness)
  5. Feel the Moment
  6. Let go of the Outcome
  7. Movement Keeps you Unstuck
  8. Passion/Vision/Hobby/Cause
  9. Me Time (Self-Empowerment) and
  10. Positive Influences (your Tribe)


Specifically, awareness of whether you’re acting from your masculine or being in your feminine (leaning back).

Awareness involves embracing the present moment without any reference to the future or the past.

When you’re interacting with your man (or your date), advanced leaning back means that you’re actively aware of your happiness level in that moment.

You can begin practicing this type of awareness by asking yourself the following:

  • Are you enjoying the moment?
  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • If not, what thought or feeling is currently stopping you from enjoying the moment?

Remember, a man does NOT create your happiness, but he can ENHANCE it.

The key to enjoying the present moment is awareness of your satisfaction level deep within yourself and how that feeling of self satisfaction (or lack of it) impacts your interaction with a man.

At the core of your satisfaction is the realization that your personal & relationship needs are being met.


You can take the practice further by asking yourself the following:

  • What are your personal needs in this moment?
  • What are your relationship needs in this moment?
  • Is there any personal or relationship boundary that you are not honoring?
  • Process beneath whatever is going on inside of you to reach your feminine “being” energy.  This is where you’ll find the source of your needs, the answer to your satisfaction and your ability to enjoy the present moment without slipping into the future or the past.



ADVANCED LEANING BACK (Awareness practice) – Consider the following visualization, affirmation and exploration as you work on your Awareness



leaning back - know your boundaries


Leaning Back - I AM Aware





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