I needed to riff today because I caught myself about to pass judgment on someone,

and I really wanted to judge that person because I felt angry,

I felt annoyed.

And then I caught myself,

and I felt that I was deeply feeling every negative cell in my body.

I was indeed VERY annoyed.

I was feeling screaming

(in the back of knees like cold prickly pine needles in my skin)

I was feeling wildly thrashing my arms

(a dull paining sensation in my knuckles like I had just punched a wall)

I was feeling loud

(in my stomach like I could not get enough air to carry my siren voice to the skyscrapers)


I felt judged.

I was feeling very  judged!


And I wanted to Judge

. . . all of this was happening in my head (my thoughts).

So I took a moment to shift.

I focused on the feelings in my body instead of my thoughts.

Gave myself a big ((((((((((HUG)))))))))))

And then within a few seconds later

I took the time to pause

and breathe

and reflect on what I was experiencing.


After a few minutes of


and feeling my feelings

I felt calm

I felt warm

I felt soft.

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