Seven Steps to Leaning Back

The Seven Steps of Leaning Back
happens in an Energy Connection
between two people.

This Energy Connection expands
from interest to intimacy.

This energy is the pull of masculine towards


The Energy Connection

Masculine energy is naturally drawn to feminine energy.
To maintain this draw, the feminine energy
creates space for the masculine energy
to close in the distance.

The process of creating
and maintaining this relationship space
is called Leaning Back.

The result of the draw
(the closing in)

That is why it’s called
the Energy Connection.

(It’s within these layer of circles of interaction
that leaning back happens)


The energy connection happens
in multiple phases of interaction.

Leaning back in each phase of interaction
maintains the masculine draw and
resulting connection that occurs
between a man and woman
during their various interactions.

Draw = Attraction

Connection = Relationship


Leaning back is an art.
It is a crucial part of
keeping the flow of
attraction and relationship space
happening during the various interactions.

The Seven Steps of Leaning Back
details the art of attraction
to help a woman understand and
experience the type of
connection (relationship)
that she wants to experience with a man.


The Steps of Leaning Back


The first step involves understanding the energy connection and how leaning back is so powerful.




The second step is about opportunities to interact with the four types of men and the choices you make.



Step three explains how leaning back keeps a woman in control of herself to make the best choices for herself. 



Step four goes into the process of leaning back based on receiving and not initiating (which may feel odd at first, but you’ll quickly understand how powerful it is).



Step five is about the inner processing of Leaning Back which involves feelings that guide your words and actions.



Step six is about keeping the focus on you to continually embrace that Leaning Back is all about your softness that surrounds your inner core of strength.




Step seven is about Leaning Back while interacting with men
“out in the world,”
who are noticing you,
who are interested in you,
who want to communicate with you,
who want to spend time with you and
who want to be intimate with you.

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