Feminine Power Boot Camp – # 28:


“Share instead of giving. Share your joy, share your affection, share your truth.  You’ll have plenty to share (without having to ‘give’) when you focus on yourself.  Here’s what I mean . . . treat yourself like a person you’re totally in love with . . . take the time to care for your body, heart and soul . . . totally commit to yourself and your happiness . . .  and love yourself and show it often!  Coming from this inner solidness (and loveliness) most of what you say and do will be SHARING the beauty of yourself and quite intriguing, endearing and irresistible.”
Tatia Dee



Love is Sharing from a place of self-love



Notice when you’re giving instead of sharing

Sharing is often a misunderstood feeling . . .
Women sometimes mistake their inner loveliness
as something that comes from outside of them
from a man
from an event
from a thing
and this is how she gives rather than shares. 

Sharing begins with the right focus . . .



How does it feel to focus on yourself . . . do you feel selfish?

REMEMBER: You can’t share from an empty cup!

Sharing is what we do in our feminine energy.

We share by opening up and feeling our feelings and sharing those feelings with the world (not just a man) through our words and actions.

This is what is meant by “sharing your truth.”

Focusing on You is the solution to the problem so many women face of losing themselves in a man or relationship.

It’s not selfish to treat yourself good.

It’s not selfish to be the best you can be.

It’s not selfish to acknowledge the love in your heart for yourself and share that with the man in your life.

Love is about sharing, but instead we change that sharing into giving, giving, giving, and this PUSHES a man away!

Giving pushes against a man’s natural masculine inclination.

Sharing is different.

Sharing is about opening up and letting a man experience your truth.

This opening up is crucial because it’s the act of your being genuine.


This is how to do it:

Get into your feelings

  1. Respond (in words and actions) from the truth of what you feel
  2. Receive his words and actions
  3. Embrace how you feel in response to his words/actions
  4. Respond to him again

Now, in order to be genuine, you first need to KNOW your truth.

You need to understand your truth . . .

What makes you happy

What makes you feel good

What you desire

What your dreams are . . .

So ask yourself, how can you truly know any of this if you don’t first give yourself time and attention?

The answer to is love yourself first.

Always take care of yourself first because Love starts with you!








I hope this exercise helped.

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