Shifting to your Feminine means keeping the focus on yourself rather than a man.

When you’re thinking about a man, or thinking about dating, or thinking about a situation . . . STOP YOURSELF, and instead shift your focus back to YOU!

How do you shift your focus back to you? Get into what you enjoy about being a woman!

Ask yourself: What do you like to do? What do you enjoy? Where do you like to go? Get into the details of you. PAMPER YOURSELF.

Keeping the focus on you means stopping yourself from

  • talking about a man,
  • thinking about a man
  • and making your plans around him.

Instead, get into your own schedule and keep it. Don’t wait around for a man to call you or contact you . . . shift your focus to you!

Here are three important steps to help you focus on yourself:

Step One – Understand that you do not “become one with a man.” That is a fairy tale! Truth is, you’re connected to him through and by the relationship between you. There is you, there is him and between you and him is the relationship – separate and apart from you and from him, yet connecting to and shared between you.


Step Two – Embrace the fact that YOU’RE the Prize and your focus should be on you, NOT him. Your focus should be on the yummy, delicious, wonderful and juicy things you enjoy about being a woman.

Step Three – Continue to enjoy doing the things you like to do . . . Make time for what you enjoy the most! Carve out time in your schedule for YOU! Doing the things you enjoy the most can be a way of living your personal passion. Living Your Passion is embracing a bigger picture of life.

The passion I’m referring to is a much broader experience than the heated flames between a man and a woman. I’m talking about your life’s passion!

What do you enjoy that makes your soul catch fire? What do you enjoy doing so much that it lights you inside and makes you shine bright? This type of passion completes you and fulfills you.

Having this type of passion in your life is intriguing to a man, but more importantly, it allows you to live a fuller and more enjoyable life.