Should You Leave Him?

Unless you’re in any kind of abusive situation,
it’s rarely my advice to drop everything and leave a man.

However, if you’ve 

leaned back,
focused on yourself,
processed your feelings,
spoke your feelings,
widened your view
and practice all of the other coaching tools

And Still,

Nothing works

and he continues doing things that make you feel bad . . .

Then I suggest that you PAUSE (click here):


Don’t leave him right away . . .

Lean back and Step back from him.

Create some distance.

Observe him.


Then Step back even further.

Stop doing ANYTHING and

Let him come to you to initiate things.

Stepping away looks like:

saying  “I don’t want be here”

and then you 

leave the room or

leave the house.


Ask yourself “Do I want to keep doing this with him?”

Look at your deal breaker list.

Is he doing these things?

Can you compromise?

Can you work it out?


You can’t change him.

You can only change yourself and inspire him to change.


If there’s no change in the situation after all of this, then it’s time to prepare yourself to leave him . . .  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE






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