Single During the Holidays

Dear Tatia Dee:

Happy Holidays.
I am lucky to have discovered your blog today.

My Current Situation:
I am a smart, charming, beautiful, professional, successful, witty, feminine and available woman.

Problem is:
I do not meet the type of men you classify as a “good guy.”

I scheduled a coaching session with you for the New Year.

Do you have any dating advice for me in the interim?

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.



feminine woman circular dating during the holiday

Happy Holidays!

I am looking forward to speaking with you too!
Here’s a quick Dating Guide to get you started.




circular dating guide for feminine energy woman


Starting the New Year single?

Whether you’re in a situationship,
recently split-up,
divorced or
just haven’t met the right person yet,
this Single Woman’s Dating Guide is for you!


Letting Love Find YOU

Yes, you read that correctly:  I’m saying to Let Love Find You.

Meaning, you’re not looking for love.

Instead, you’re going to

  • Lean Back
  • Practice your Feminine Power tools and
  • Open up to new experiences.


circular dating guide step

Step One

(Where would a Good guy find you?)

Note: your focus isn’t about where to go to meet a guy.
Instead, your focus is on where could he meet you!

Make a list of the places you go in your daily routines.

List some additional places you could go to (alone or with friends/family/coworkers).
Coffee Shops
Book Store
Shopping Mall
Singles’ Meet up/Speed dating events/Expats events
Volunteer/Charity events
School events
Community classes (cooking, dancing, wine pairing)
Sport events/games

Now, pick one place to visit within the next several days.



Step Two

(Confidence is alluring)

No need to go shopping for a new wardrobe!  This step is easy:

Go in your closet and put together your best outfit (don’t forget your accessories).

These are the clothes that you look and feel your best in!

Remember the place you picked in Step One?

Well, this outfit is what you’re going to wear.

Get dressed, style your hair and make sure your nails/makeup (however you “clean up” nice) are done.

Out the door you go!



Step Three

(Not searching for your ‘other half’)

A Good Guy recognizes a woman who is “together.”
Put another way, he avoids a woman who is clingy, problematic, or a walking go-fund-me account.

Take good care of yourself  . . . body mind and soul.  Manage your affairs (or get volunteer or professional assistance). A relationship will never solve your problems and a Good guy will eventually tire of trying to “fix” your life.

Note: this is not a one-time quick fix.
Taking care of yourself (and your obligations) is a life long process.

Make a plan of what you want to improve,
list out what’s required to achieve it
and then take action.

This way, no matter what your situation is,
your story is not a “tale of woe,”
but instead, you portray a self image of feminine confidence and progress.



Step Four

(Keep your identity)

You’ve seen it/done it before . . . a woman can easily lose focus of her friends, family, hobbies and schedule when she’s swept up in the early stages of dating.

While exploring becoming a “couple” can mean integrating lifestyles (and there will, of course, be some changes in your schedule), please remember never to abandon

  • Doing the things you most enjoy
  • Your “me time” necessities
  • Rituals/gatherings/meet-ups with good friends/family

Be sure to schedule your dating activities into your lifestyle – leaving some time to yourself to rejuvenate and maintain yourself.



Step Five

(Avoid the “instant relationship” trap)

Enjoy dating but remember to always listen to your intuition.

Allow sufficient time to get to know the man you’re dating.

Revisit Step Four (above) to keep your schedule while allowing any dating situation to progress at a comfortable pace.


feminine woman circular dating circle of interaction


Step Six


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feminine woman circulard dating guide


Continue your feminine dating journey with the ACADEMY.

circular dating academy for feminine energy women









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