Feeling Small, Stuck and in a Negative Masculine Place

Are you shutting down?

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you putting up a wall between you and your man?

You may be stuck in masculine mode and feeling it's impossible to shift into being more feminine.

It's important to remember your inner feminine strength (power core) because you're feeling emotionally unsafe.

Instead of shutting down to protect your feelings, you want to embrace  that you're strong on the inside. That's where your strength is and your softness is what's surrounding it.

Right now you're having a response to what's going on in your relationship that's causing you to shut down, put up a wall and protect yourself.

Keep reading to learn how you can shift from these low emotional feelings into a more feminine and powerful state.


Reclaim your emotional safety with the practice of "Lean Back, Step Back, Walk away" where you're creating space or distance between yourself and the situation or person causing your emotional drop. 

It provides you with a private moment to find your feminine core (and emotional balance).

It means not dealing with the situation (or person) at that low energy moment.

Leaning back is becoming aware that your feminine energy is low and that you need to put a little distance between you and this situation.

Stepping back is creating even more space for yourself and turning your attention inward to process your emotions.  This would often require excusing yourself for a few minutes to be in your feelings.

Walking away is physically leaving the presence of the person or the situation to go somewhere else . . . removing yourself from the triggering situation and taking a longer period of time to process your feelings.


Processing Your Feelings

In processing your feelings, start with focusing on somthing that you enjoy doing.

Next, focus on something you're grateful for.

Now, focus on your inner power core. Image your spine as steel. It's strong and it's powerful. It helps you move. And that movement is how you protect yourself!  You put distance between you and the things that emotionally harm you.

This movement is  your power and it's part of your inner feminine core.

Surrounding that core is your outer softness.  Similarly, you protect this outer softness with the same movement.

Check out the following video where I go into details on how to shift back into your feminine energy from an emotionally low place: