Take Charge Of Your Negative Voice


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The Negative Voice (nasty voice) is a Rori Raye Coaching Term.

It’s the description of a subconscious masculine safety-net inside of you.

disappearing man

It Wants To Protect You.

It Wants To DO Something.

Leaning forward part 4

The Negative Voice means you no harm, it’s a part of you.

Yes, It’s A Masculine Part Of You.

complete within

Practice Embracing Your Negative Voice.

Acknowledge It.


But realize that it’s no longer needed!

Take charge.

You’re a feeling based Leaning Back woman now!

You’re not living your love life in that masculine way anymore.

stay in your feelings

You’re living a new approach to love and men . . .

You’re No Longer Stuck In Your Thoughts.

You’re Flowing In Your Feelings Now.

You’ve Got This.


Tatia ♥



In the ACADEMY, there’s a guided coaching exercise (in Part Two) that helps you accept this part of yourself while creating a new feminine way of dealing with painful and/or triggering situations and taking care of your emotional and physical safety.  So join the ACADEMY today if you want a deep-dive into healing your negative voice:






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