The 3 Steps of Advanced Leaning Back

Academy - Leaning Back School

Hi Tatia.
Your handbook, emails and blogs are super helpful.  Thank you for all you do 🙂  My friend said you have a leaning back video school. How long is the class? Where’s the link to join?

Thanks, Julia.

Hi Julia:

It feels soooo sweet to hear that my coaching materials are helping!
Thank you 🙂

The Leaning Back School is called
the “Academy.”

1. You log into the on-line Academy workbook.
2. You’ll see a topic and a video: For example, an advanced topic of Leaning Back is


(which is a 3-step leaning back tool to create additional distance between you and a man, taking the momentum of leaning back even further)

Here are the 3 steps of Movement:

Leaning back

Giving yourself more space to really observe what’s happening and how it feels to you

Stepping back

Giving yourself even more distance – like not being in the same room, not being readily available and sticking to your own schedule

Walking away

Physically removing yourself from his presence or the situation. That means actually getting up on your feet and moving to a different place or limiting him from your schedule.

3. Then You’ll watch the video on Movement:


The Academy is a recorded webinar program that has around 8 videos (I keep adding to it).

The coaching videos provide recorded Leaning Back instructions and examples.

There’s also email guidance, an online workbook and additional material.  Enjoy the program!









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