He Left You For Another Woman

why did he leave me for her

he left me for herr

Hey Tatia.

It has been a while since you heard from me. Last we spoke you said I had to change and work on my  triggers to respond better. Well I did everything you said not to and Jose left me for another woman and she is nothing like me. There is nothing special about her, nothing irresistible about her.

A friend of his said that he proposed to her. You know me Tatia – had to find out if he was cheating with her the whole time we were together. Jose said he loves her. Said he met her at his cousin’s birthday party which was after we broke up.  He said he was sorry things with us went bad and it was so much work to love me.

He said she was not better than me but he is marrying her because she is a good sweet person and easy to be with and he wants that now. Ha! told him that was all an act and she will change on him. Fastforward – they were married last easter. I see them downtown some times. Always holding hands – he looks happy whenever I have seen them.

That could have been me with him and it hurt that he said he had to work too hard to be with me. Feel – you always said feel – feeling is hard. So started talking to my priest about this – he said to look within to find what I needed to change to let the sweet person I am be free.  He said the work Jose talked of was maybe how much work it was trying to stay connected with the sweet woman in me that Jose saw and loved. THOUGHT OF YOU TATIA.  You said that to me too when you said to change and work on the parts of me that were triggered by Jose.  

Honestly didn’t see why I had to change cause I am always feminine – a total woman.  But seeing all the ways that kept me from love how I want it hurt – then I started using my notes from our talks to change and finally heal like you said.  That is when Ric walked into my life! Using our notes helps me so much I want to thank you!

Change brought me a good loving man. I want to coach in person for our last sessions if that is okay for you.  You can share my story on your page to help other women to start their change so they don’t take a whole year to make the feminine in them real. Just take my name out please. See you soon chica! 

Note:  You know I cried with joy reading your message ♥ See you next week.  Much love, Tatia


When Masculine happens

You may see some women who are not as pretty as you happily married.

You may notice that some women who aren’t as successful as you who have recently gotten engaged.

You may know some immature women who’re in long term relationships where the man never leaves.

but the “Irresistible” that keeps a man connected goes deeper than the eye can see.

the heart sees deeper

Being Irresistible is about more than looking, sounding or acting feminine.

Being irresistible comes from how you interact with a man.

he listens

Leaning back to attract a man just ‘scratches the surface’ of being irresistible.

loving people

Keeping a man’s emotional attraction to you is about more than his being attentive to you.

His masculine energy is drawn by the feminine energy he experiences from you.

How you make him feel

It’s allowing the flow of the feminine and masculine energy between you to keep you connected.

A man falling in love with you and staying in love with you requires your irresistible to be consistent.



Being irresistible is about coming face-to-face with what hasn’t worked for you in love.

It’s about embracing the mistakes you habitually make.

It’s about healing the negative in you that takes over and causes problems in your love life.

If you aren’t ready to face these things about yourself and change them,

then this approach to being irresistible may not be what you need right now in your life.


Being irresistible is about changing YOU in order to have the kind of love you want.

you can’t keep doing the same thing
and expect to get a different result.

baby steps

Being Irresistible Starts With Letting Go Of Your Masculine Ways When Interacting With A Man.


Responding from your feminine requires an absence of masculine energy.

It requires being, speaking and acting from your feelings.

feel your feelings

That means examining your feelings in a given moment and then authentically expressing yourself using feeling messages.

If there’s any

expectation or

then your masculine energy is involved.



Working on yourself is an ongoing process, but the results are immediate.

I always have my clients start with the Don’t Do List when they’re facing triggers and healing old patterns.

This list helps you speak and act from your feminine and avoids the negative and masculine responses that you’re working on changing.

He’ll quickly notice the difference.

And you’ll feel the benefits of the change too.


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