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Ms. Tatia = I’ve searched your entire site and found nothing about my current situation.  I am what some folks would call a side chick = seeing a man who is living with a woman BUT NOT MARRIED.  Your post about dating a married man was harsh imho = are you truly a coach for all woman or do you discriminate?  I would like some guidance on how to improve my relationship with him. We always go out on 2/15 and this time (since it’s a weekend) we are going away. I want his time with me to be memorable. Oh = I like my freedom right now so not looking for him to move in or commit to me right now.  I want to show him my best side = my feminine side.  Does your leaning back work for side chicks too?  Deb

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side chick man sharing

Hi Deb:

Thank you for your question.

My short answer is NO, I do not discriminate.

A longer (explain-y) answer is that Leaning Back and other Feminine Energy practices are for creating a long-term emotional connection with a man. Truth is, being a “side chick” is sharing a man (emotionally and otherwise).

While this post may trigger some readers who are involved with a man who is/suspected of cheating, I’ll do my best to honestly address your situation and give you the guidance you seek:

Your Best Approach to Man-sharing


I did a touch of research on the topic of side chicks and unmarried men and was faced with a bit of crude comments (I interviewed a few guys who agreed to contribute anonymously).

Here’s a meme one of guys shared with me that sums up the results of my research:
national side chick day february 15th
See what I mean by crude?

Since you differentiate that the man you’re involved with is not married, but only living with someone (his “main chick”?), the best example I can proceed with is ZIPCAR

man sharing is like car sharing for side chicks

– a car sharing service where no one member holds title to the car but can reserve at a time when no other members are using it. It appears that the available models for man-sharing are the Clueless, Difficult and Toxic types (I highly doubt a good type would engage in this type of sharing).

Man-sharing, like car-sharing, means that your connection (interaction) with him is short term.

There’s no possible longevity in this connection because he’s also connected to someone else.

how to be a good side chick

So, if I’m reading your situation correctly, then it’s my understanding that you don’t mind the short-term connections with him.

On the premise that you’re not seeking a long-term connection with him at this point (meaning this is a “for now” connection rather than a “forever” connection), then the top advice from the men interviewed is to:

1. Treat Him Gently – This means limiting your expectations of him

2. Let him know when he makes you happy

3. Live in the moment (no past/future thinking)

4. Follow the Don’t Do List (dude approved), and I recommend you

5. Get the HANDBOOK to learn more about Leaning Back

6. Check out the Following:






how to trigger his emotional desire for you




how to make him feel wanted




side chick accept him as he is




side chick guide when you need to check him

Side Chick Video clips:















Getting out of a Sidechick Situationship



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