Triggers – How Things Go Bad With A Good Guy


You’re having a wonderful time together  . . . You’re leaning back, creating relationship space, allowing his emotional connection to happen and he’s enjoying it all!

It’s clear that he feels desired, admired, wanted and respected.




But suddenly, he says/does something to upset you . . . which TRIGGERS you . . .  and your feminine energy gradually fades away . . . you’re thinking thinking thinking . . . you’re feelings are all negative . . . and slowly a huge dark wall rises up within you.

You’ve shut down emotionally and begin reacting from your thoughts and old masculine relationship patterns. 


Quite often the experiences that Trigger you have some connection to your having been treated poorly, abused or misused in your past.


This current trigger and your past experiences can cloud your senses, send your feelings into a nose-dive and cause you to disconnect from your feminine energy.

You unknowingly revert back to your masculine leaning forward ways.


Sometimes, this is how a good guy
who was once deeply interested in you
gradually backs off
and seems to pulls away.

feminine woman break up kit


You can stop wondering what happened.
The answer is most likely that as a result of your trigger reaction
he felt something other than wanted, respected, admired or desired.

His ego was bruised and he’s not feeling connected or interested right now.


Fortunately, this entire scenario can be avoided!

The following video clip from an Advanced Leaning Back Membership recording will share an example of how to deal with being triggered:








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