Is Trusting him really the Issue?

In hindsight, I understand now that our relationship problem was more a trust issue.

The hard lesson learned was that rather that focusing on whether or not I trusted him, I needed to focus on how emotionally safe I felt in the relationship.

It all began with what I REALLY felt deep inside . . .

I did not feel safe.

I wanted to feel that my relationship was a safe space (for me and for him) . . .

But from the beginning, my insides were screaming TOXIC!!

I lived in denial for years.

I  ignored FEELING unsafe

with that man

in that relationship.

So you see, it’s not about whether or not you trust a man . . .

You need to Trust yourself!

Be honest with what you REALLY feel.


Trust yourself NOT to stay in an imaginary relationship!

Trust yourself to CHOOSE,

Trust yourself not to SETTLE and

Trust yourself to put you FIRST.


Trust your instincts.

Trust that you’re going to look out for yourself and keep yourself safe – emotionally and physically.

Don’t Put that Responsibility In The Hands Of Another Person.










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