Feminine energy woman Understanding Feminine Power in relationship


The secret to Feminine Power is knowing how to allow your feminine energy to guide your words and actions.

So often our masculine energy controls what we say and do (especially in relationships).

Understanding when you're acting or speaking from your masculine and then shifting to your feminine is the first step towards Feminine Power.

This ongoing balance between your feminine energy and masculine energy is a practice called "Leaning Back" (a major tool of the Rori Raye Method).

Leaning Back is an important part of Feminine Power because it develops the skill of allowing your feminine energy to guide your responses (words and actions) when interacting with a man.


Here are three easy steps to
get started:

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Step One

Power in the Balance: Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy have a natural connection.  Click here to learn more about this Energy Connection.  


Step Two

Shift from Masculine Reactions to Feminine Responses:  As you get accustomed to being in your feminine energy, you're going to realize how much you've been speaking and acting from your masculine when interacting with a man!  Don’t beat yourself up over it . . . instead, click here to become more aware of those masculine energy relationship patterns or habits 


Step Three

Leaning Back creates the space a man needs to naturally act on his attraction to you:  Let’s recap what we learned in Step One - when you lean back, a man who is attracted to you will naturally come towards you, closing in the distance to connect with you. Click here to learn more about this relationship space


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