Understanding His Emotional Attraction to You

Today’s coaching video is about a man’s natural draw towards you, also experienced as ATTRACTION.

He’s especially attracted by your feminine ways that make you IRRESISTIBLE.

When this attraction is based on his emotions, it goes deeper than intimacy. It’s part of his masculine nature.

This natural emotional attraction results in a CONNECTION with you.

Join me as we take a deep dive into ways to maintain this connection:

Key Points About His Emotional Attraction:

When he’s emotionally attracted to you, he’s trying to get as close as he possibly can and he may not understand why . . .  he just feels the urge. 

He’s exploring your boundaries while still trying to please you, impress you and make you smile.  Your responses to this is to be open, warm, inviting, indulging and enjoying every moment of connection he initiates (which encourages him to move in even closer to experience more of your feminine responses).

This Emotional attraction grows and happens naturally, leading to a lasting connection based on his feelings for you.

This connection also results in his experiences with you (that he’s remembering when you’r not around).

You want him to remember when and how he made you happy .  .  . so tell him!  Use your feminine words, your love words and speak your appreciation and poetry to him.


Leaning back when a man is emotionally attracted to you is a 100% feminine experience that happens when you’re receiving what he says and does and then you respond, based on your feelings, with feminine words and actions.

The relationship space you create (when leaning back) allows him to continously feel his emotional attraction to you and gives him the space to make more experiences of connecting with you (which he’ll remember when he’s not with you).  More importantly, he’s thinking about you and he’s remembering how he made you happy.  His emotional attraction grows over time with these thoughts, feelings and connecting experiences.

But be aware of potential issues and situations that can interfere in this process, such as the male ego, everything on the don’t do list and what’s in the man guide.  So it’s important to be aware of your feminine energy and practice leaning back.


Your feminine energy plays a vital role in his emotional attraction to you.  Your feminine energy helps you to experience his deepening emotional attraction as you spend time together and connect.  So allow your feminine energy to guide your words and actions towards him, creating a safe relationship space (where he gets to experience his feelings for you as they naturally deepen for you in a safe environment).

I created powertolove.com specificially because responding from your feminine takes practice!  Triggers can easily cause you to flip back into old masculine relationship patterns which can damages his emotional attraction.

So practice the following:

When you’re receiving from him (his words and his actions),
take a short pause to be aware of whether you’re in your feminine energy,
and make sure you’re not you’re not leaning forward.

Then process your feelings in that given moment,
find the good feelings and
respond to him expressing those feelings (not your thoughts).

Also let those feelings guide your actions.

Otherwise, if you’re not in your feminine energy, then you tend to react rather than respond.  Reacting is the first fatal step in leaning forward, getting into masculine mode in a relationship, and ruining his emotional attraction.  Remember, his emotional attraction is directly impacted by your masculine actions towards him because there’s nothing feminine to maintain his emotional attraction to you.

With the absence of your feminine energy, your masculine reactions create a pushing energy instead of an attracting energy.  This is when a man’s feelings suddenly start cool off towards you (mystery solved).

Masculine energy can happen quickly to you.  To keep leaning back and being in your feminine energy receiving and responding, it’s important to understand exactly what this masculine energy feels like, so you can avoid whenever it starts to happen.  This is why I created the Don’t Do List and the Circle of Interaction .  . . to help you understand why practicing your feminine energy in important to your relationship.





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