Recently I was confined to home for medical reasons
and my internet service went completely bust.

I couldn't blog.
I couldn't vlog.
I couldn't Facebook.
I couldn't update my web pages.
I couldn't post.
I couldn't do billing.
I couldn't schedule anything.
I couldn't go anywhere.
I couldn't buy anything.
I couldn't tweet.
I couldn't post pictures on Instagram.
I could do nothing.
Or so I thought . . .

I was forced to disconnect.

I'm normally so busy
(with gadgets in hand)
working and doing stuff
that it was agonizing
not to be able to

But, slowly
I loosened up
got out of my thoughts
and reengaged with all of the things I loved to do.

It was an awakening.

I eased into my creativity again.

It was soothing to my core.


I took warm luxurious baths.

I wrote poetry (rather than making "to do" lists).

I drew up my entire astrological natal chart.

I created a new recipe with yummy organic food.

I eased back into my morning yoga routine.

I learned a new meditation.

I sang.

I reconnected with all of the forgotten things I've always enjoyed and loved.

I rediscovered my inner sanctity.

I found a new and improved flow (and I loved it).

So, now that all of the gadgets
are plugged back in
and working,
I'm not.