What Leaning Back is NOT

what leaning back is not

Leaning Back is not about playing games, playing hard to get or being a passive doormat.

Instead, it’s about: – keeping your own schedule, – focusing your energy on what you enjoy rather than getting lost in on a man or relationship, and – communicating & interacting with him by receiving from him and responding from your feminine energy.

It’s especially helpful when you’re having relationship or dating problems.
Ask yourself the following questions:
– Do you find yourself wishing a man treated you better?
– Wanting a man to do things to show he honestly cares?
– Longing to feel like you’re in a real relationship?
– Hoping he’ll spend more time with you?
– Wondering why he doesn’t call more often?
But no matter what you do . . . You feel the relationship slipping away and you begin to panic . . .

The good news is that you can change this!
All you have to do is STOP.
Stop wishing.
Stop wanting.
Stop longing.
Stop hoping.
Stop wondering.

Instead, you pause.
Pausing is turning inward to stop your current dilemma.
You stop your old way of responding.
You stop your masculine words & actions.
You stop your focus on him.

Focusing instead on your deepest most honest feelings.
Turning inward this way shifts your vibe.
Shifting your vibe is a part of Leaning Back where you’re get more feminine in this moment and in this situation.

It’s about softening up and stopping all that “doing.”
Yes, stop doing stuff in relations to a man!
Stop trying to make things happen.
Stop trying to manage situations.
Stop making plans.

Let go of the responsibility of “relationshiping”
Let him do stuff.Let him make the first move.
Let him make the plans.
Let him get things done.
Let him move the relationship forward.

AND IF HE DOESN’T MOVE THINGS FORWARD, then you need to redefine your own status.
You are in control of your love, your life and your happiness!
Don’t let this one man or this relationship decrease your value.

Change your Status starting from the inside . . .
Start with valuing yourself more than you value the relationship.
This is called Raising your degree of difficulty.

Raising Your Degree Of Difficulty is a Rori Raye Coaching term used to describe embracing your high value as a beautiful and desirable woman. We use this particular tool in coaching a woman how to avoid losing herself in a man or a relationship/situation.

Raising your degree of difficulty is not about playing games or playing hard to get.
Instead, it’s about:
– keeping your own schedule,
– focusing your energy on yourself rather than on a man &
– receiving and responding rather than initiating.

You redefine your status by taking an honest look at how a man treats you in comparison to your high value as a woman.”


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